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Once there was a boy named Tanner
And they said he was anything but mean
He was always walking through fields, talking about flying
And he never had to impress the Electric King

Once there was an Electric King named Foxx
He said he'd never find himself on his knees
He said he'd never find himself making friends with enemies
And he spent his days sitting by the river under the ash trees

Foxx and Tanner Ashley had a love few others had seen
But Tanner harboured disdain
He saw himself as Foxx's pain
And so a plan was hatched to see himself gone

Then there came a time when they had to leave their own city
And they danced like it was all they'd ever seen
But another thought was born
And Tanner Ashley was torn
And he never did tell his Electric King

Oh, Foxx and Tanner Ashley
They left their hearts too soon
For what Foxx did not know
And what Tanner could not show
Left Tanner Ashley on his own
On his own

Foxx left to a new land
With that blood upon his hands
And never could come around to let it go
And what had he to give if he'd killed the one who lived?
And he'd left the only one he'd truly known

He left his home never to see it again
Said something about how guilt can kill kings
In his old home he knelt
Never thought how everyone'd felt
He would lay his own life down
He would lay his own life down
He would lay his own life down
He would lay his own life down


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